Изкуство, скърбящо за изгорялата Австралия

Изкуство, скърбящо за изгорялата Австралия
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Докато светът разтревожено гледа случващото се в Австралия, много художници създават трогателно изкуство за онези животни, които дори не могат да споделят болката си. По последни данни близо 1 млрд. животни са умрели в пожарите, а хиляди са пострадали от пламъците.

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As many of you guys may have already heard, Australia is burning. The bushfires have ravaged countless homes, destroyed millions of acres of land, and taken the lives of millions of animals across our country. It’s heartbreaking to watch all the footage of what’s going on, and right now our country needs all the help it can get. I want to contribute my part and donate to the efforts, so for the next week I’d like to donate 100% of any profits from my store (link is on my profile) to the @redcrossau and @wildlifevictoria. There’s not much on my store unfortunately, but it’s the least I can do to help. There are also numerous other organisations that you can donate directly to. Any amount of support helps those fighting for their lives, and for their homes. Despite all the loss, it’s incredible to see that people from all over the world are banding together to aid the efforts. #australiaisburning #bushfire #redcross #cfa #wildlife

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#saveaustralia The numbers are nothing. Statistics are nothing. The next news about fires is nothing if we ourselves do not want to help our planet Earth. But we hear, watch and read news about 500 million dead animals due to the global global fire in Australia. This is worse than war. We are slowing down and waiting for the receipt of money to extinguish the fire. When animals and forests die at this time. It is very sad that we are fixated on finances. Let's save our "Home", let's think about the future right now! We are people, we are intelligent creatures, and animals cannot protect themselves. I, on behalf of all the inhabitants of planet Earth, urge all the authorities of the countries of the world to create a unified, independent organization of emergency situations to help extinguish large fires and prevent them. I hope our call will be heard by all those who are not indifferent to the fate of our planet Earth🙏 . . . #trueheroes #saveplanetearth #saveanimals

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#saveaustralia I really wanted to show you the salvation of the Child and Mother, that everything went well, that nature heard us, and the long-awaited rain began. But... for give me. It’s very sad. I want you and I to understand that we are not alone on this planet. Man should not assert himself in his superiority from other creatures of nature. Don’t say that the fires are due to the dry season. This's all a lie! These fires are a reflection of our relationship to nature itself: ruthless and cruel. They are not familiar with compassion and sympathy. Unfortunately, it's... But if these eyes of the baby Who has just lost her Mother touched your hearts even a little, then that says a lot. So not everything is lost yet. So we still retained our humanity. Please, take care of nature and animals🙏 . . . #saveanimals #saveplanetearth

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Australia bushfire crisis started in 2019 and unfortunately doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Fueled by extreme heat the fires in Australia have already surpassed the outspoken Amazon rainforest fires 🔥 . I’m afraid not many people realize the severity of this disastrous event. To give you a better understanding the land area devastated in Australia is almost 100 times larger than the area burned in California wildfires last year . I can’t help being thoroughly sad and disturbed by this awful tragedy 😥 Over a billion animals have already perished 😣 . This illustration is my way of releasing the overwhelming emotions of sadness and worry . Feel free to share this post to increase the awareness of this disaster 🔥 . . . #australiafires #australiabushfires #ecology #bushfiresaustralia

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Making illustrations often is a way for me to cope with things happening in the world. Thats why I made this illustration today. I am devastated and my thoughts are with all the people in Australia right now. Let us use 2020 to build an even stonger climate justice movement and to fight harder than ever for the people, the animals, our planet and our future. Climate Change is happening and we have to act now! Also please please please donate to @animalsaustralia to help them support wildlife vets that are currently working in the fire-devastated areas! #noplanetb #ourhouseisonfire #australianfires #climatechange #climatejustice #systemchangenotclimatechange #australianbushfires #australia #australiafires #stopadani #koala #animalsaustralia #bushfireaustralia #artforaustralia #australiaburning #stoptheburning #helpaustralia #climatecrisis #artistsoninstagram #artoftheday #designersforfuture #illustration #illustrationartists #femaleartist #veganart #veganartist #illustratorsoninstagram #illustratorsofinstagram #katharinarot #katharinarotillustration

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